We are passionate

about what we do. We are obsessed with success and we deliver excellence in all our services.

Our Business does what is says on the tin, we connect and we exchange!



Situated in Preston Lancashire…

Nexus Exchange connects businesses to the right clientele in the most efficient and seamless channels.

Located in the Media Innovation Hub (Media factory Building) of the University of Central Lancashire, we are poised to give your business the tech-advantage required to stay ahead of the competition at all times.



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We pride ourselves as being an innovative Century 21 company with old school values of trust, loyalty and transparency.

  • We are obsessed with excellence.
  • We are passionate about measurable growth.
  • We are committed to building trust.
  • We are ethical in all our practices.
  • We are responsible and we show it.
  • We don’t know how to fail.
  • We give back to our society.
  • We support causes we believe.