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Nexus HR Recruitment and Consultancy


Effective HR Recruitment.

By partnering with our established team of committed, experienced HR consultants, you’ll gain access to a strong candidate network.

That means a better quality talent pool, better selection and greater confidence in your hires

Welcome to Nexus HR Recruitment & Consultancy, the leading national human resources recruitment specialising on student and part-time staff recruitment. We pride ourselves on doing things differently. Our unrivalled national scope combined with our niche focus on the human resources sector means that we can deliver great results for both candidates and clients every time.


2 thoughts on “Nexus HR Recruitment and Consultancy

  1. Bryian says:

    This is brilliant. I was wondering if you are able to recruit undergraduate volunteers to help with my web content editting?
    Thanks and kind regards!

    • kennedy says:

      Hi Bryian.
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes we have in our volunteer pool, a number of undergraduates who are seeking for work experience in the area of web development and content editting. Kindly give us a call or email us with more details and we will be glad to meet your needs. Kind regards!

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