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Nexus International Student Recruitment

“The team at Nexus Exchange understands the dynamics of the international student recruitment market, social trends and media. If you need professional help in improving your recruitment performance and input quality then look no further.”

It is convenient to assume that student recruitment strategies apply equally to both domestic and international students, but international student recruitment presents its own set of unique challenges. While both domestic and international students consider the value of their educational prospects and look for a solid return on their investment, domestic students, particularly those coming from Africa, are increasingly concerned about their prospects post-graduation compared to the growing cost of international higher education.

“Trends in the international student recruitment sector indicate that students are more discerning when it comes to the career potential of degrees, are more critical of the cost of education, and feel obliged to justify their investment in a degree, both financially and personally.”

Furthermore, the demographics of prospective students are changing. Universities are seeing growing numbers of applications from non-traditional students, first-generation students, and transfer students, which means that many ‘tried-and-true’ recruitment strategies no longer produce the same results as they did in the past. And with recruitment intimately tied to enrollment, student retention, and the profile of an institution, college and university recruitment officers are under a lot of pressure to generate qualified applications while meeting recruitment goals. It is no wonder then, that so many recruitment strategies can feel overly complicated and chaotic.

Good news is, student recruitment does not need to be time-consuming or cumbersome. At Nexus Exchange, we have devised a comprehensive student recruitment system that captures student searches early in the process and brings students directly to your institution. You don’t need to chase prospective applicants. Instead, Nexus Exchange recruitment strategies ensure that qualified students from your target groups find your school and programs effortlessly. Schools listed on our interactive website have the potential to reach millions of students every month, while our personalized marketing solutions like Lingua and Geo Targeting allow you to concentrate your efforts on only the most relevant demographics.

“Nexus Exchange has been connecting the right students with the right schools for more than half a decade now. Our inclusive international student recruitment packages can be tailor-made to suit any goal and any budget.”

Our unique strategies allow you to prioritize specific regions or languages and boost the visibility of programs that match student search trends. Our trusted recruitment solutions offer superior value and our built-in analytics let you quickly see what works so that you can increase your chances of reaching out to the best students for your programs. Nexus Exchange understands that for modern students, the ultimate recruitment tool is a positive experience and individual attention. We concentrate on steering all of your online digital recruitment and pre-enrolement needs, leaving your expert admissions officers free to deliver that final personalized touch.


“Your data is safe with Us!”

At Nexus Exchange, the data safety of our clients, partners, visitors and staff is a top priority. We take uttermost care when handling personal data and we comply with the latest EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR 2018. For more information on how we handle your personal data, please visit and for the full terms & conditions of using our website.


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