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What Is Parkour? How to Parkour??

Well parkour is essentially to go from one place to another in the quickest and most efficeint way possible overcoming any obstacle you encounter through the use of your own body.It is a two syllable word pronounced as (par-core). Parkour is a noun and not a verb. So when you want to go train parkour with your friends, you would say “You guys want to go train parkour?” You would never say ” Hey guys lets go parkouring!!” people in the parkour community would look at you funny. Parkour is looked at as a discipline and even a lifestyle much like martial arts. Where as martial arts is the art of Fight, parkour is the art of flight. A male who trains parkour is called a traceur, a female who trains parkour is called a traceuse. These terms originated in France, this is were the term parkour was actually coined.

Free running games

The best way to experience the free run movement style is through free running games. I have put together a list of free running games you can play anytime whether you’re a beginner or an advanced free runner…

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