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Nexus Africana

We are the Carnival Troupe of Nexus Exchange Ltd.

Nexus Exchange Limited is the first company to become an integral part of the Preston carnival and we are here to make the carnival bigger and more exciting!

Having been an active part of the prestigious Preston Carnival for 4 years now, we have officially become a member of the Preston Carnival as a company and our troupe is the “Nexus Africana“. The Preston carnival as you may know is 43 years old and counting. It is one of the biggest and longest running cultural festival in Preston and only second to the Preston Guild, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year. Preston comes alive as the entire city steps to the rhythm of music and dance. the carnival is open to people of all ages and backgrounds and is a platform for anyone who wishes to promote the very essence of all the positives of the amazing diversity in our Preston community.


Would you not rather be part of such a very colourful family event?

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We are here to unleash the true African spice with a supercharged century 21 twist. Preston Carnival 2018 would be our first project and hey the world is our Oyster as we aim to go international with the company’s International Cultural Exchange Programme.

As this is the first time there is going to be a true African presence at the carnival, we are poised to unleash the true African spice with a supercharged century 21 twist. We are young and vibrant and we are absolutely excited to be an active part of our Preston Community. With team members from different parts of the world and of African decent or connection, we are the team to watch and to root for at the carnival. We have incorporated the carnival as part of our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and we are really honoured to give back to our community in this way and more.

We have began meeting as a group and will be meeting fortnightly from January 2018 in preparation for the 2018 carnival. Our membership is absolutely free and is open to all African, people of African origins, people with African connections and indeed all friends of Africa. To be recognised in our community, we do have to contribute our quota towards projects that promotes peace and sustainable development of our community and this is what we are here to do and to advocate.


Are you as excited as we are about the carnival?

Would you wan to be part of our team – NEXUS AFRICANA?

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